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A better way to control digital cameras

Cam is an app that can remotely control your camera.

Why another camera controller app?

Camera software sucks. Every app I've used is always missing features, and it's always buggy and broken. Cam is an attempt to fix this.


Cam isn't just a glorified liveview and remote capture. You have total freedom to do anything. Want an astrophotography mode? Cam has it. Want a timelapse mode? Cam has it. No, these aren't baked-in features - you can customize nearly every aspect of a mode, even if you don't know how to code. And if you do, you can create your own modes from scratch.


Planned Features:

Camera as a Service (CaaS)

Remotely control a camera from anywhere in the world with a rich API over the web. Available for astronomy and long-term timelapse.
Coming Soon



Coming Soon

Download custom liveview v1 for Magic Lantern

Cam Intervalometer

The Cam Intervalometer is a free app for Android based on CamControl. It has no ads, in-app purchases, or missing features.

Coming Soon


Camit is a free and open-source Linux/Windows app. It is primarly built to be a fast and painless liveview and CLI utility, with scripting integration. Scripts are perfectly compatible with the mobile app.

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